✿ What happens during a consultation? 

While "consultation" sounds very clinical, what really happens is a conversation. In the initial appointment, I will ask you about your health, your life, and your goals, and we'll talk about how to get from A to B. I will give initial recommendations, and in complicated cases I will research and then email or call you with a full prescription.

✿ Will you make me eat / not eat ____?

Nope! Your treatment doesn't have to include any changes to your diet. All of my treatments are designed to empower, uplift and support you, and are tailored to your needs -- including your need to choose foods that you actually enjoy, and to eat in a way that supports you. The best way to ensure that I don't prescribe you a diet that you hate is to be upfront about how you feel about certain foods or ways of eating.

✿ How does your sliding scale work?

Trans, gender diverse and questioning clients are welcome to contact me for more information. This works on an honesty system; you will not be required to prove your trans-ness at any time.

✿ I have a history of disordered eating and have had bad experiences with nutritionists in the past. How can I work with you?

I encourage you to communicate with me ahead of our consultations if there is anything "off limits", or subjects you want to address but are unsure of how to do so. I will work with you and your individual needs, and I don't require every client to keep a food journal or make diet changes.


" As a result of my diet changes I’ve seen more improvement with my skin than ever before. I couldn’t be happier!!  James’s work isn’t just a prescription, it’s a relationship.. He treats the whole body with care and attention, not just the symptoms."

                                                              - Kate J.